Emotional Eating and Resistance Training Workshop/ Luncheon

Date and Time: Wednesday, October 19th from 11:30AM to 1:00PM
Location: University Famous Toastery Sunroom
8933 JM Keynes Dr. #2
Charlotte, NC 28262

Come connect with others in a safe space with like-minded people to discuss the challenges associated with emotional eating and exercise! Includes an amazing healthy lunch provided by Famous Toastery and Athome704 and some great tools to take with you in these subjects!

This event is free and will be hosted by Sophie Pratola of Personally Trained by Sophie and Katie Heath of Inner Fitness. Please RSVP to either at (704) 604-1518 or (704) 421-8630 so we can make sure to have lunch prepared for all who plan to attend. Looking forward to seeing you there!

Inner Fitness NC Health Coaching
Inner Fitness NC Health Coaching

Monthly workshops are held for anyone who needs a little motivation and inspiration, for anyone who is signed up for my 30,90, or 180-day programs, and for any groups wanting to get together for some fun and eye-opening group work! I love to host offices if your entire office is wanting to get together to promote and support each other’s health.

Workshops dates will be announced prior to each month for the following month and will be held in the North Charlotte/ Concord area, exact locations to be announced.

Workshops are designed with themes for common obstacles for weight loss such as the following:

  • Emotional Hunger and Cravings Vs. Physical Hunger and Cravings
  • Primary Foods on Your Plate – We Eat How We Live
  • Self-image/ Body-image/ Self-Talk
  • Food Society – Combatting the Food Society that Sets us Up
  • Limiting Beliefs
  • Cravings as Information
  • Healing Through Storytelling
  • Changing Your Story – Your Coping Narrative
  • Breaking the Cycle of Dieting and Exercise Failure
  • Your Childhood Eating Story to Now
  • The Masculine and Feminine Balance in Weight Loss
  • What exercise is best for my personality type?
Inner Fitness NC Health Coaching

And so on!!! Weight loss and all of its related emotions warrant deep dives into these difficult subjects. These workshops have shown me that so many people walk around daily doubting themselves and their capabilities and just need more support. The world is moving so quickly and feels so cold sometimes, so I love coming together with a common health curiosity and obstacles with people who want warm connections in their lives. For some, group workshops do not sound appealing because few of us want to “people” these days, but something tells me that we could all really benefit from connecting with others who are having the same doubts and fears as we are having. We are not meant to be alone. We are here to support and love each other. My workshops aim to do just that.

Each workshop ends with a food/ nutrition theme accompanied by tapas tastings cooked by Aaron Weise with @home704! While the recipes are a surprise until you get to the workshop and will defy all common beliefs that healthy food cannot be delicious, the nutrition themes with that food include:

Gluten and its effects, Organic and whole foods, Sugar and its effects, processed food and its effects, the benefits of vegetables and fruits, grassfed meats, locally farmed foods, superfoods and Natural Probiotics, Dairy and its effects, Low Carb Diets, Fats and their value, and many other areas of study in nutrition that may be beneficial for you

Contact me to get on my email list for all workshop announcements to be sent directly to you! These workshops cover the very subjects that have pushed me on my journey, and I know they can do the same for you.

Inner Fitness NC Health Coaching