Personal Strength is Measured By Our Ability to Heal

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I am starting to measure our personal strengths as individuals by our ability to heal. As a larger person, I sat on the Victim side of the bleachers regularly. Except when I was there, we had no cheerleaders like they have now on that side. Society runs around holding up signs about having rights to being victims now. Man, I came up in the wrong time! [...]

The Life and Thoughts of a Food Addict: Part Two

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I went to the Chiropractor this week and got X-rays done of my back and found that it is as crooked as a question mark. The problem originated from my feet losing their arches over my years of killing them in the restaurant industry with twelve-hour shifts, unsupportive shoes, and a weight problem that likely tipped the boat. My arches have diminished at different rates, however, [...]

The Life and Thoughts of a Food Addict – Part One

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It’s my third day of being back on the Macronutrient plan. I am logging everything I eat, to fit under my limits for carbs and fat. I ate quite a bit of junk over Christmas, the typical decorated Christmas cookies, candy from the stockings I stuffed as Santa, and the carb fest that was our Christmas meal. The last two days have been impeccable as I [...]

Why Diets DO Work When Most Credible Sources, Including the Holistic Ones, Say They DON’T

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I have been tossed like a rag doll by messages from the diet industry, as I know you all have as well. “Lose fifteen pounds in fifteen days!” “The Keto diet is the only diet that works!” “You must count your macros to lose weight!” “It’s eighty percent diet!” “Diets don’t work!” “Just cut out carbs and sugar, and you’ll lose weight!” “A protein shake for [...]

The Best Things You Can Do as a Parent if Your Child is Having Issues With Weight and/or Overeating

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I have had several parents approach me about whether or not I work with children in my health coaching. This is such a difficult question because the answer really is “No, I work with parents.” This instantly turns away most. Perhaps they think I am blaming them for the issue of their child’s overeating. Or maybe they realize that they are going to have to do [...]

Getting Back to Your Health When Grief Derails You

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In my ventures of practicing health consultations with over fifty women, a common theme I heard was that women were often derailed on their weight loss journeys due to a parent or other family member dying. I had never experienced that type of grief in my life at the time that I was interviewing all of these women, so I could not relate to dealing with [...]

Remove Guilt and Shame to Break Your Emotional Eating Cycles

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I have spoken to over fifty women in the last six months about their health, their self-esteem, their body-image, their cravings and addictions, and their goals. In so many of these conversations I heard self-loathing, guilt, and shame for years of perceived failures and self-abuse. I also heard pain from the loathing, guilt, and shame. Women described themselves as disgusting, having no willpower, lazy, fat, incapable, [...]

How To Prepare Your Mindset for a Weight Loss Journey

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Many people do not like to hear the word “journey” when discussing weight loss plans. This word implies long term, maybe even endless. To some, it is a mountain they would never wish to climb. “Journeys” are about stopping and visiting places along the way and learning and being in the moments. It is travel to some other place not as comfortable as our own. As [...]

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